Scholarships in Switzerland without IELTS 2023 – Fully Funded

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Scholarships in Switzerland without IELTS for International Student:

Welcome! All International Students from all around the world are encouraged to apply for Scholarships in Switzerland without IELTS. This country providing scholarships to students without IELTS for the academic year of 2022-2023. All students from all over the world are allowed to apply for this scholarship. Applicants can pursue their undergraduateMasters and PhD programs. Some universities/institutes in Switzerland don’t demand for IELTS test. Switzerland is also a golden chance for international students to study abroad and also is an ideal choice of the students.

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Candidates come from all around the globe here to study and they find Switzerland a peaceful and calm country also they get education for free here under the fully funded scholarships without passing IELTS. Master’s and PHD programs are provided here in different attractive fields like Business Management, Hotel Management, Films and Media, Arts and Design, Engineering, Science and Technology, Computer and Information Technology along with animation programs. Many of the International students visit the whole country during their study duration. This is the best opportunity for students to Study in Switzerland without IELTS.

Those students who have outstanding academic records and wish to study abroad and want to enhance their intellectual abilities and skills to serve better in their home countries and in their societies then this is the good opportunity for them and they are highly welcomed to apply here and grab this chance as soon as possible to change their lives in a better and positive manner.

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Most of the universities which we will discuss in this article are providing scholarships and internships for free to Study in Switzerland without IELTS. Even they don’t have their application fee. Government of Switzerland has been announced many scholarships which are fully funded and are offered for the international students. In this article we will explain some details of that universities which are providing fully funded scholarships and internships. The full detail and related information are mentioned below here.

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Apply using English Proficiency Certificate to Study in Switzerland without IELTS:

If applicant have completed his/her last degree in English then he can take this letter from his/her college or university and apply on the basis of it to fulfilment the requirement of English.

The only need to submit the English proficiency certificate, student can easily apply now. The student should have to tell the university administration about his/her previous degree was in English.

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List of Universities without IELTS:

Here is the list of universities those are providing admission to Study in Switzerland without IELTS:

  1. The University of Bern
  2. The University of Geneva
  3. University of Basel
  4. The University of Fribourg
  5. University of Lausanne

Scholarships to Study in Switzerland without IELTS:

  • Swiss Government Excellence scholarship:

The Switzerland Government has announced the scholarship for the academic year 2022-23. The government of Switzerland announced about 500 scholarships for Master’s and PHD programs that are fully funded and prove as a nice start for the international students.

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  • UNIL scholarship in Switzerland:

The Swiss Government also announced this UNIL scholarship for students to come in Switzerland and do their Master’s and PHD programs in the university of Lausanne, Switzerland. (Study in Switzerland)

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Internships in Switzerland without IELTS:

  • CERN Internship in Switzerland:

CERN internship program in Switzerland is offered for the year 2022-23. It is a home for international students to live and do their internships easily in Swiss. Those students who are currently doing their undergraduate, graduate, Master’s program can do their internships who are the members of CERN members or Associate member state are allowed.

Switzerland internship is offered for international students and it is a life     time opportunity if once avail this. This is a golden opportunity to spend summer in Switzerland. IELTS and TOEFL is not required for internships. In Switzerland there are many field areas of internship are offered. (Study in Switzerland)

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  • CERN Administrative student program 2022:

Switzerland is a home country for all international students. Students come here, live here, work here easily and with the peace of mind and having no financial issues. All the students of undergraduate, graduate, Master’s and PhD programs are allowed for this internship but they must be the members of CERN or should be the associate members. This internship is a one of the life time golden opportunities to spend summer in Switzerland. IELTS and TOEFL are not important for this internship.

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  • CERN Doctoral student program:

Students of PHD or doctoral program who have CERN membership or their countries having associate membership are allowed to apply for this scholarship. This internship program is a golden opportunity to students to spend summer in Switzerland. IELTS and TOEFL are not required to apply for this internship. (Study in Switzerland)

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  • CERN Technical student internship program:

120 students will be selected who can take part in CERN activities during this program. Those students who are doing their Undergraduates, Master’s program in the fields of Applied Physics, general or Civil Engineering, Information Technology, electrical or electronics Engineering, Mathematics and robotics, material and surface science, Mechanical Engineering administrative are allowed to apply for this internship.  IELTS and TOEFL are not required.

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